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Published: 10th May 2011
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Juicer, mixer and grinder or a food processor is a modern day boon for the full-time homemaker.
It is an all-in-one kitchen appliance, which helps you to chop, blend and mix in a flash. Chop your favourite vegetables, make yummy juices and prepare delightful shakes and smoothies simultaneously with the juicer, mixer and grinder. Although there are many players in the market offering a food processor, you need to remember the following points before bringing one home:
How loaded are you in the kitchen?
If you stay in a large family where there is plenty of cutting, chopping and blending in the kitchen then a good food processor makes a lot of sense as it eases your workload in the kitchen. Plus it gives you more time to spend on other activities. If you stay as a couple or a bachelor then a small juicer, mixer and grinder should suffice.

What’s your diet?
If you are one who likes to prepare a lot of sauces, pastes and dressings then a juicer, mixer and grinder is just the device for you. This is because it takes time to cook and prepare these foods hence a food processor can be really handy to cut-short your preparation time with its multi-tasking features. For example, if you like to drink a lot of shakes and smoothies then you can prepare a yummy shake right in your kitchen. Simultaneously you can also make jams and ketchups with another attachment. Another advantage of the juicer, mixer and grinder is that you can blend and mix foods in large quantities and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Thus, one does not need to waste time on blending and chopping time and again in the kitchen with a food processor.
Quality and Quantity
A larger food processor should have quality parts to give you an efficient performance with every usage. Larger food processors are used more frequently than small food processors hence quality and maintenance becomes an issue. Large food processors are generally expensive and require a good maintenance regimen like washing the internal parts and attachments. Smaller food processors should not be used frequently as there is a chance of breakage or malfunction. Therefore frequency of usage becomes very important when you go out to buy a food processor.

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